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About Us

ERA Fernandina Beach is a full-service real estate and rental management firm with over 25 agents serving all of Nassau County.

Since 1974, our mission has been to provide exceptional service to every client by our dedication to the core values of Integrity, Professionalism, Commitment, Teamwork, Family, Faith and Stability. With over 25 agents who are long-term residents of Nassau County and have raised their families here, we believe the community you choose to live in and be a part of is just as important as the property you choose to call home. We are committed to helping you discover the community and home you will love.

A Message From Our Broker

Steve Simmons founded ERA Fernandina Beach Realty in 1974 and has led the company through many cycles of economic and real estate changes. Steve has served the community both professionally and personally in a variety of capacities over the years. He has been involved for over 40 years in land development in Nassau County as well as the pre-planning, development and sales of many of the beachfront condominiums and residential developments both on and off Amelia Island. After 47 years, ERA Fernandina Beach Realty, under Steve’s leadership, remains at the top of the industry for its service in both real estate sales and vacation and long-term rentals.

“I founded the company on a Christian-based philosophy, which I credit for the company’s success and longevity in the real estate industry. Over the years, I’ve realized that nothing is more important to my business than trying to do the things that create a blessing for others. It is my pleasure to share my passion for our Nassau County communities and lifestyle with our clients. Thank you for choosing ERA Fernandina Beach Realty for your real estate needs.”
-Steve Simmons, Owner/Broker