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A Homebuyers Guide To Hilliard, FL

Living in Hilliard, FL, you’ll find a relaxed pace of life in a small, rural town that still offers the benefits of being close to a big city. With less traffic, lower crime rates, and a lower cost of living, Hilliard, FL communities are great whether you are looking for your first home, a waterfront property on the St. Mary’s River, a horse property, or a place to retire.


Where is Hilliard, FL?

Hilliard is located near the Florida-Georgia border and within the Jacksonville metropolitan area. Hilliard is only 30 minutes from Jacksonville and in close proximity to Amelia Island and St. Mary’s. Its location on the railroad and at the intersection of several major roads including US-1 and County Road 108 have contributed significantly to economic growth.


Benefits of Living in Hilliard, FL

Low cost of living is one of the biggest advantages to living in Hilliard compared to surrounding areas in Northeast Florida. In Hilliard, you can live on acres of land at an affordable price with a relaxed, rural lifestyle. Hilliard, FL communities continue to grow every year, bringing more benefits to living in the area including:

  • Economic Growth.  Hilliard is one of the major economic centers of western Nassau County. Lumber, paper and wood product manufacturing, tree farming, and logging are major industries in Hilliard. Plus, Hilliard is home to a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Air Traffic Control Center which coordinates most commercial and civilian air traffic for the southeastern United States.
  • Proximity to Big City.  Located near the Florida-Georgia border, Hilliard is within the Jacksonville metropolitan area. You’ll be able to live in a more rural, small town while being only 30 minutes outside of Jacksonville and a quick drive to Amelia Island and St. Mary’s.
  • Large Lots of Land.  Homes for sale in Hilliard are typically on large lots of land with acreage that opens the door for many activities on your property. You’ll have plenty of space and privacy at a home where you can safely spend time and enjoy the outdoors. Having a large lot of land and the space to live can even improve your quality of life and enhance your wellbeing.
  • Horse Properties.  Because properties in Hilliard are on large lots of land, horse properties are popular in this area. Horse properties can be a great investment and horse barns tend to improve property value. In Hilliard, you can take advantage of an opportunity for a stable source of income while serving as a place of training and recreation for equestrians.
  • Affordability.  Hilliard offers a lower cost of living compared to the national average and most other cities in Florida. The affordability of Hilliard has made it a popular option for people interested in a more rural town and increased demand for housing in the surrounding areas.


Hilliard, FL Schools 

If you have school aged children, Hilliard schools are highly-rated in the Nassau County public school system for kids of any age. 

Public Schools

Hilliard Elementary School

27568 Ohio St

Hilliard, FL 32046


Hilliard Middle-Senior High School

1 Flashes Ave

Hilliard, FL 32046


Hilliard, FL Neighborhoods & Communities

You can find homes for sale in Hilliard in a variety of neighborhoods and communities. Popular Hilliard, FL neighborhoods and communities include:

  • Lorena
  • Southern Glen

To learn more about the different  Hilliard communities   and compare amenities, click below.


Homes for Sale in Hilliard

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